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our current menu provides the following items and was updated in April 2017, Please note there may be alterations to the menu on the day of your visit due to sourcing and availability


All day Breakfast  2 f/range eggs,2 bacon,1 Sausage, tomatoes,beans, mushrooms,toast     8.20

Veggie Breakfast  2 f/range eggs,2 Sausages,mushrooms, tomatoes,beans,spinach toast     8.20

Vegan and gluten free option can be provided on request.

2  Free range eggs on sourdough toast  or a homemade sourdough English muffin (poached,fried or scrambled)                     5.80

Add Spinach            1.80

Add Salmon            2.50

Add Bacon or sausages    2.20

Add beans            1.80


Salmon and Scrambled egg bagel                                5.80

BLT  (Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo)                                 5.40

Bacon or Sausage Sandwich (veg/vegan  sausages are available)                4.50

Courgette and leek fritters with spinach & poached eggs (gf)                6.20

Add gluten free sausages        2.00

See above for further additions

Rosemary and garlic Irish potato farls with tomato,chilli and                 4.20                Garlic relish (vegan) (gf)

Add Spinach            1.50

Add Vegan sausages    1.80

Add beans            1.00

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup or nutella                        4.60

Add Mixed Berry compote    1.60 (v)    add greek yogurt        1.00 (v)

Sandwiches and Bagels     Add fries for an extra £1.50

Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber (Bagel)                5.60

Goat cheese and salad                                5.40

Houmus, Olive and salad (vegan)                                      4.40

Tuna mayonnaise and Cucumber                        4.60

Bacon or Sausage Sandwich (veg/vegan  sausages are available)        4.50

Jam, peanut butter or marmite & a small glass of apple or orange juice

(suitable for kids under 10)                                                                    2.50

Felafel wrap with salad and houmus (vegan)                5..50


Toasties and Paninis         Add fries for an extra £1.50

Feta and olive                                    4.80

Add spinach        1.50

Mozzarella tomato and pesto                            4.60

Roasted vegetable and goat cheese                        5.80

Goats cheese and sweet chilli                            5.40

Ham and Cheese                                    4.40

Tuna melt                                        4.50

Brie and cranberry (v)                                4.50

Add Bacon        1.60


Homemade Main Meals

Baked sweet potato with either meat or vegan chilli             6.80

Italian meatballs in tomato sauce  with toasted wild garlic bread      6.00


Italian soyballs in tomato sauce with wild garlic flatbread (vegan)    6.00

Bullet Beefburger    with fries                             7.00

Add cheese        1.00

Chilli cheese wrap with fries (meat or vegan otions)                6.60

Spicy Piri Piri chicken Skewers with Couscous or fries and salad     6.40

Thai pumpkin and chickpea curry (vegan)                    6.60

Sausage casserole  with bread                        6.00

Add root mash        1.80

Add bubble and squeak.        1.80

Meat or vegan Chilli with either rice or Fries                6.50

Vegi burger and fries(vegan)                             7.00


Roasted vegetable wrap with fries (vegan)                    6.20

Add goats cheese    (1.50)

Dhal with salad and pitta (vegan)                        5.80

Baked sweet potato with spinach feta and pesto     (v)            6.60

Bullet Quiche, homemade coleslaw and mixed salad            6.00

(see counter for todays options) 

Soup with bread selection Please ask for today’s choices        4.90



Sides and smaller dishes

Spinach and red onion latke with tomato and garlic relish (3) (vegan)    3.00

Fries             2.50            Cheesy fries            3.20

Pitta bread            1.50            Houmus and flatbread    3.50

Olives            1.80            bread,balsamic &olive oil    3.00

Wild garlic flatbread    1.80            Homemade coleslaw    1.80

Cheesy garlic flatbread    2.20            Vegan coleslaw        2.20

Root mash (vegan)    2.00            Side Salad            3.00

Bubble and squeak (vegan) 2.00

We also have Specials at the counter including savoury and sweet option